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Our RSB™ program is simply the most cost effective and efficient method for the modern retailer to deliver printed price tickets to overseas and domestic vendors. Using our RSB™ service means that all your price tickets will be printed using the same format: barcodes are verified for high quality, data is transferred directly from the retailer's computer system and is not manipulated in any way. Corporate logos and colors are consistent from the first tag to the last. Utilizing a proprietary system of web and network based software applications allows us to print your price tickets and pressure sensitive labels at strategic locations around the world, while keeping your information secure and giving you complete control of your program with real time information.

RSB™ 's main objective is to create an efficient price ticketing production structure for companies who have traditionally printed their tickets in-house and then shipped them to their vendors overseas, or have had quality issues with their vendor's version of the required tags and labels.

Since the launch of our Remote Service Bureau™ solution we have been very successful at offering quality products, timely delivery and excellent service both domestically and overseas.

Benefits of implementing RSB™ & outsourcing price ticketing production to GroupDC
  • Saves you time and expenses in tag and label processing
  • Retailers can expect to save $30 to $50 per thousand tags over the cost of domestic production
  • Eliminates the courier costs related to ticket delivery to your off shore vendors
  • Provides you with consistency of design and quality through our international network
  • Our web based ordering system enhances the efficiency of both your operation and your vendors
  • Allows for rush production when emergencies arise
  • No direct cost to the brand owner
  • Process requires significantly lowers lead time, reduces errors and reprints
Monitoring Product Production & Flow

Upon implementation of the program, real time status reports are generated for review by your management staff through your groupDC RSB™ website.

All reports are password protected to ensure privacy.

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