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"Working with GroupDC and the GBM program was good. The service was efficient and the process fairly simple and easy to follow. We appreciate all your follow up. Thanks!"

Purchasing Department, Bedo Compagnie International de Mode.
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GroupDC’s Global Brand Management™ services are designed to provide North American brand owners with the ability to design, develop, and deploy integrated brand packaging programs in key geographic regions of apparel and soft goods manufacturing around the world. GBM™ offers a unique and truly effective approach to the international sourcing needs of our clients through:

  1. Efficiency
    • GBM™ provides brand owners with:
      • - A single local representative and single point customer service.
      • - The ability to develop complete programs at one time for all global locations.
    • GBM™ ensures global consistency of quality and appearance of all items in every program.

  2. Convenience for overseas vendors
    • GBM™ delivers easy access to international vendors through web-based catalogues with built in order facilities.
      • - Minimizes order errors by providing vendors with complete item illustrations and pre-established reference numbers for each item
    • GBM™ expedites vendor order processing by sending online orders directly to GroupDC’s global locations, minimizing time to order fulfillment.
    • GBM™ provides global vendors with regional representation and local billing in regional currencies or U.S. dollars.

  3. Transparency & Control for Brand owners
    • GBM™ utilizes custom software, accessed directly by GroupDC’s regional locations, to manage local inventories and vendor sales.
    • GBM™ provides brand owners with complete access to program status by publishing password protected, real time reports to program websites. Online reporting allows brand owners to verify vendor order patterns, GroupDC delivery performance and possible grey market diversion patterns.
In short, Global Brand Management™ by GroupDC provides brand owners with a uniquely complete, integrated, global branding solution, which explains why GBM™ enjoys high levels of client satisfaction. Our clients include: Children’s Place, Sears, JC Penney, Bedo, Lana Lee, Chapter One, Adorable Junior, Fame Jeanswear, and Turtle Fur.

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